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How to Print Asset Tags to Avery Sheets?
How to Print Asset Tags to Avery Sheets?
Updated over a week ago

There are some important configurations you need to set in your browser before printing, please see the last section of this article to make sure your configuration is correct to ensure an accurate printout.

We currently support two Avery sheets:

To set the Avery template you'd like to use, please click on the profile icon in the top right corner and on Settings, then click on Printer Configuration.

When you're done configuring the layout and design of the asset tag, you can find and select the assets you'd like to print tags for, and click on the Print option that appears above the table.

When the Printer Dialogue prompt appears, please make sure you click on More Settings and make sure that you set the exact values just like in the screenshot below. We recommend using Google Chrome for the most accurate result.

  • Paper Size: Letter

  • Margins: None

  • Scale: Default

When you select a template in your BlueTally Printer Configuration Settings, it will take precedence over the manual configuration further below on the page. Please note that you can only print up to 30 asset tags at a time using the templates.

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