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How to Bulk Edit Custom Fields?
How to Bulk Edit Custom Fields?

How to bulk edit custom fields for assets, accessories, components, consumables, employees, licenses and products

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Bulk Editing Custom Fields

To begin with, you need to create (or update) the Custom Fields you'd like to bulk edit, by clicking on the Profile Icon in the top right corner, then on Settings, then click on the Custom Fields link in the left menu bar.

If the custom field already exists, make sure it's enabled for the model type you'd like to bulk edit it for (assets, accessories, components, etc.), by clicking on Edit, switching the respective Enable toggles on, and clicking Save.

For example, if you'd like to set a custom field called Color for all your assets, you need to make sure the Assets toggle is enabled for the field to appear on the Bulk Edit Asset form.

If it's a new custom field, then click on the Add button to create a new one.

Start by giving the custom field a name and selecting what type of field it should be.

These are the types of custom fields you can create:

  • Text Field

  • Text Area (Multi-line)

  • Number Field

  • Dropdown List

  • Checkbox

  • Date Field

To add options to a Dropdown List custom field, you just need to fill out the Dropdown List Content field with the options separated by a comma, like: Green, Black, White, Red

You can also choose if it should be a required field or not.

Then, scroll down on the same page and select which data types you'd like the field to be enabled for.

It's enabled for all data types by default, but you can disable it for all the data types that you won't be using the custom field for. In our example, we need to make sure it's enabled for Assets, as we want to bulk edit this custom field for assets.

Once that's done, click on the Assets link in the top navigation bar, then on Bulk Edit.

Select the assets you'd like to bulk edit the custom fields for, then scroll down until you see the custom field that you created earlier.

Once you've entered the value you'd like the custom field to have, click on Save to complete the bulk edit, and you'll see the custom field and the corresponding value appear on all the assets you bulk edited!

The process is identical for all the other models you can bulk edit: Accessories, Components, Consumables, Employees, Licenses and Products.

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