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How does the Lenovo warranty integration work?
How does the Lenovo warranty integration work?

Learn more about setting up and using the BlueTally Lenovo Warranty integration

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BlueTally seamlessly integrates with Lenovo, allowing you to get detailed warranty information for all Lenovo devices automatically added to your assets.


To enable this integration, please start by going to your BlueTally account settings and clicking on the Auto Warranty Lookup section. There you'll be able to see the option to enable the automatic warranty lookup:

Once you've enabled the automatic warranty lookup, you'll need to make sure of two things for the warranty details to be fetched:

  1. That the product the asset is using has the Manufacturer Name set to Lenovo (case-insensitive)

  2. That the asset's Serial Number field is filled out with a valid Lenovo serial number

Once you've ensured those two things, the integration will automatically fetch the warranty details for all your Lenovo assets in the next sync, which runs once an hour. Please note that it can take a few hours for all your warranty information to be fetched.

Finding the Warranty Details

When the sync has completed, you'll see a dedicated Lenovo Warranty Information section appear on the Show Asset page for all your asset, that lists all the warranty coverage for that specific device. This includes:

  • Warranty Name and Coverage Description

  • Start Date

  • End Date

If you have multiple warranty coverages for the same asset, they will all appear here.

You will also see the warranty expiration date from Lenovo in the All Assets table, as well as in the End of Life & Warranty Report. If an asset has multiple warranty coverages, we use the expiration date of the warranty with the latest expiration date.

Warranty Start Date as the Asset Purchase Date

If you want to use the Warranty Start Date from Lenovo as the Purchase Date of the asset, you can enable the corresponding toggle. The integration will then set the earliest start date among all warranties for the device as the asset's purchase date.

You can also use the Apply for All Existing Assets button to retroactively have this set for all your existing assets that have already completed their warranty sync.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've extended or changed the warranty coverage on the device after the first sync?

We currently only fetch the warranty coverage for an asset the first time. If you've changed the device warranty coverage afterwards, please reach out to us and we will assist you.

I have multiple Lenovo warranties on an asset. Which date are you using for the asset's warranty expiration field visible in the asset export, asset table, and End of Life & Warranty Report?

If an asset has multiple warranty coverages, we use the expiration date of the warranty with the latest expiration date.

Is it possible to export a list of all the warranty coverages for an asset?

Unfortunately that's not possible, as of now we only show you a list of all the detailed warranty coverage on the Show Asset page.

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